Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

 Madison will be 8 on June 30th!! I can't believe she is that old!! She is the most dramatic girl I know!! She tells people exactly what she thinks and doesn't give a second thought about how it might affect them!! She is so smart!! I am really lucky to be her mom!!!
 Jace turned 6 this year!! He just finished kindergarten and is ready for 1st grade!! I am also ready for first grade so he will be gone all day!! He is a good kid but is really stubborn right now!! He loves sports and LOVES to draw!!
 Kallee will be 2 next month!! She has really taken pointers from Madison and has the sassiest attitude!! She was an awful baby and I wondered why I wanted one more kid, but what would we do without her!! She has gotten so much better!!
 I do think I have a pretty cute family!!!
TJ and I have been married for 9 years!! Finally we have built our dream home!! I thought it would never happen but it did!! He is still working for his dad, I'd like to say it's what he loves to do but I won't! We have definitely learned a lot in the past few years!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

Madison started Kindergarten this year!! She is getting so big!! She was so nervous the first day and cried for a while but since then she has totally loved it!! She LOVES to get homework, and new books to read!! Jace started his first year of Preschool! He was very excited to start. He couldn't wait to be a big boy and go to school! He no longer wants me to walk him up the the class, he is big enough to do it ALL BY HIMSELF!
It is so nice to have them gone for a little while during the day! Jace goes to school in the morning and Madi in the afternoon so I get some time with each of them seperately!

Surprisingly I didn't cry when either of them went to school!! They are getting so big I can't hardly believe it!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look Who's 5!

I can't believe that Madi is 5! It makes me feel so OLD!! It also makes me sad! She is such a good girl, a little wild, but good! I love her so much!! She has the cutest personality and is such a good example to me! She surprises me daily on how smart she is!
All she wanted for her birthday was an iPod! I didn't think 5 year olds even knew what an iPod was but that is all she wanted! She loves to sing and listen to music so it was a really good gift for her. I made sure she got some Barbies because I always wanted Barbies when I was a little girl! Jace made sure she got a Ken doll, he was sick of only having "girl Barbies" to play with!!

It was a fun day! I made her favorite lunch and then we had cake and ice cream. After that I took her and Jace to Ephraim to play at the park. Of course I didn't get pictures!! We stopped at the Malt Shop on the way home and she got a strawberry shake, her favorite! Later that night we went to a pool party for her twin cousins that also have the same birthday as her! It was a long day but really fun! She is so excited that she is 5! We love you Madison!!

PrInCeSs 4 A DaY

This past week my sister in law Dana and I took our girls to the Princess Festival! It was in Lindon and let me tell you, it was so fun!! Madi and Brenna had the time of their lives! It was a little hot but other than that it was well worth it!
We bought them umbrellas and took their picture...Don't they look so cute!
The pictures our out of order, so this is them sitting in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. They got to meet all of the Princesses and they also did a little activity where they had to help save the Snow Princess. It was so cute and fun to watch Madi. She was so involved and made it so fun!

Before we went in...

Madison posing of course!

I took her to a good friend, Ashley Wheeler, to get her hair done before we left! She did an awesome job!! Madi was all smiles!

In the chair getting her hair done. She looked just like a Princess!! It was such a fun day!
I will definitely take her again! I love spending time with her!!